Seashore Druidry


In Seashore Druidry we commune with the mystical and physical benefits of the Seashore.


Connection to others:

From the Seashore you are connected to all on land, sea, sky and beyond.



Seashore Druidry takes as its symbol the five limbed Starfish.  The five elements of life. A sign of empowerment and regeneration.



Understanding the daily cycle of the tide  - giving and taking, impermanence and empowerment.



In Seashore Druidry we learn of the mystical and physical health benefits of the Seashore.



We give thanks to all the benefits of the Seashore and beyond.



We campaign for "Seashore-Access For All" (S-AFA), so that everyone can access all the benefits of the Seashore.


The Seashore Path:

Delves in to the mystical side of walking along the Seashore.



For more information please contact "The Seashore Druid" through the contact page.






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